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Tune Up and Full Service

We offer both a Tune Up and Full Service for all equipment. Our qualified service technicians can recommend one or the other based on your use, the age of the machine, and the condition of servicable parts.

Tune Up

The Tune Up is a recommended service for all equipment that is currently running well, and should be done annually. It is a preventative action to insure your machine is going to run year after year. It consists of the basic servicable parts including spark plug, air filter (clean when possible, replace when needed), fuel filter ( if eqiuped) and lube bearings when possible. Chainsaws are sharpened and the bar is dressed if needed. Lawn mower blades are sharpened and balanced. Carburetors are adjusted as needed to put your machine running at it's best. Spark arrestors (if epuiped) are cleaned or replaced.

Full Service

Our Full Service is recommended for machines that may run, but just doesn't run the way it use to. It might be lacking power, running irregular at times, or simply not running at all. This service consists of everything the Tune Up does plus Fuel system service (includes carburetor rebuild or replaced, fuel line check and replace as needed). We also pressure test the crankcase on 2 cycle and perform leakdown test on 4 cycle. This is important to detect problems that can be harmful to the engine and shorten the life of the machine. Belts are inspected more closely and replaced if needed. Mower decks on Lawn Tractors are removed and inspected. We guarantee our Full Service with 1 Year free labor guarantee.

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